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These ebooks will be removed from the market on February 8th, 2018. They are available one last time for a special price.

Late last year, after removing my 10 books from the market, I accidentally wrote 2 more ebooks, Superstar Magic and Zen Magic. For this reason, and because many had emailed asking if those 10 ebooks would ever be available again, I decided to make all 12 books available together for a limited time.

So here is the definitive collection, ranging from hits, like TUBE 3 to underground favorites like Method Impossible and MI2.

You’ll learn how to predict the future on YouTube, Twitter and over email. You’ll learn to control your own mind and develop super-concentration. You’ll learn Color Theory and League of Invisible Friends. Mental Zenexplores impossible hacks to the PATEO Force. Wi is one of the coolest phone secrets you’ll ever learn. Method Impossible will force you to think up new magic. MI2 will push you to think outside the fold. Zen Magic will show you how to turn your practice into a way of life. Superstar Magic will teach you the secrets of the most successful performers on the planet and teach you to incorporate them in your magic immediately.

These ebooks were pulled off the market last year and are only available until 2/8. This will likely be the last time these books are ever available in digital format.

Collects the following titles:

  • Superstar Magic
  • Zen Magic
  • The Miracle Model (includes audiobook)
  • Secrets Of Mindfulness For Magicians (includes audiobook)
  • TUBE 2
  • TUBE 3
  • Wi
  • Method Impossible
  • MI2
  • Future Forces
  • Mental Zen
  • Perfect Response

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