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Get the definitive work on the PATEO force, learn how to make a plane vanish, develop zen-like concentration, the formula for creating on-demand miracles, predict the future using YouTube and Twitter, the only coin vanish you ever need, a really cool trick to do over email, learn Noise Theory and much more.

Package includes:

  • The Miracle Model (Digital Book + Audio)
  • Secrets Of Mindfulness For Magicians (Digital Book + Audio)
  • Future Forces
  • Perfect Response
  • TUBE 3
  • TUBE 2.0
  • Mental Zen: Volume 1
  • Wi
  • Method Impossible
  • MI2
  • Secrets of Superstar Magic
  • Zen Magic


You’ll learn the following from Secrets Of Mindfulness For Magicians & The Miracle Model

  • 2 techniques for getting into “the zone” on demand
  • The secret to blocking out 99% of random thoughts (can be used anytime, not just when meditating)
  • Speed up the learning of difficult sleight of hand tricks
  • Short circuit your critical mind in seconds
  • Become more natural as a performer
  • Easily connect with your audience by cultivating empathy
  • Develop a Zen-like work ethic when it comes to practice (or anything else)
  • Use scattered attention to build super-focus
  • Learn the 13 rules for creating a miracle every time
  • Find out the biggest mistake you can make presenting a trick and how to fix them
  • Use this framework to amplify the effect of any trick
  • Learn how to turn a magic trick into an experience
  • Apply these lessons to create legendary performances they’ll be talking about for years
  • An exact formula for increasing the impact of any effect
  • Tricks for turning your magic into miracles
  • A quick and reliable meditation technique to pop you into the “now” before every performance
  • How to create the “awe response” every time you perform
  • Ideas for creating magic for smart people
  • Discover the power of ritual
  • Specific steps to create an atmosphere of mystery in your shows
  • Use your magic to create doorways into astonishment
  • Learn how creating peak attention will enhance your magic
  • What a real life ouija board experience can teach you about creating true miracles
  • Learn The Socrates Rule
  • Why you need to build a Yes Set in your audience
  • Tips for making your miracles always seem impromptu
  • The only method to creating an authentic style and why you should start using it now
  • How to always create common ground with your audience from the moment you start performing
  • The 2 + 2 Principle
  • A secret to making the audience create miracles in their mind
  • How to develop a more conversational style
  • The creativity secret used by professionals to produce a neverending flow of ideas
  • When you should use the editor part of your brain and how to turn it off
  • The one requirement you need to know to use stories with your magic
  • How to use the scientific method to measure your success
  • Tips for keeping your ego out of your performances
  • How to use process to increase belief in your miracles
  • How to create shared experiences every time
  • The Heart And Head technique
  • Why you should abandon showmanship and what you can replace it with
  • Timeless wisdom from Ormond McGill to turn you into a Miracle Worker


Superstar Magic Series: Volumes 1 & 2

This is a two book series teaching principles and philosophy to bring you magic to the next level.

The first book analyzes secrets of Derren Brown, David Blaine and Penn & Teller’s success and breaks them down into 13 powerful principles you can start applying to your magic now.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Secrets of Superstar Magic:

  • How Derren Brown completely screwed up my magic for years
  • The one true secret to magic and learning hidden inside Dani DaOrtiz quote
  • How to use the power of Colliding
  • David Blaine’s secrets for making larger than life magic
  • What you can learn from David Blaine about branding (it’s not what you think)
  • How to create a connection with your audience like Penn & Teller
  • The #1 method for hiding truth in magic or any other entertainment field
  • Why you need to always be authentic
  • How to apply a simple formula for always creating something unique every time
  • And the one true secret to success in any art….

Zen Magic takes a dive into innerspace to create a routine of practice and inquiry that can lead to hardcore skill and dedication to the art of magic. While Secrets of Superstar Magic is more about the outer aspects of success, Zen Magic seeks to make those achievements a little less hollow.

Here is what you’ll learn in Zen Magic:

  • The beauty and power of Beginner’s Mind
  • Why Play is so important to your practice for magic
  • How to create Values that express who you are in your magic and life
  • Turn practice sessions into rituals
  • How to deal with blockages and resistance to practice and performance
  • Create a practice that allows you to unlock the flow state and lose yourself in your magic
  • Unleash your “true self” in performance and practice

Together, Secrets of Superstar Magic and Zen Magic provide a masterclass in developing the mindset needed to bring your magic to the next level.

All 12 books are available again for a limited time. After 9/15 the books will never be available in digital format again. The price for all 12 books is $120 $60